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Christine Derrick

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Christine lives in south-west England, U.K. She has done all sorts of painting since the 1970's when, as a teenager, she joined her first art class. Christine started off with oils and her early subjects were of local landscapes. Some years later she extended her interests to floral themes.

Despite trying out lots of different media, styles and painting sizes, Christine eventually realised that in fact her better pieces were the smaller paintings. Today, she rarely paints anything much over 16 to 20 inches. She has a liking for small-format art, and through 2016 has been working more often with oils; and has discovered a preference for smooth painting-supports such as gessoboard and oil-paper.

Floral subjects have usually formed a large number of her paintings, but 2016 has seen more landscape-style work done, especially with cloud formations, and in oils. Christine's other medium is soft pastel. She also likes to experiment with lesser-known painting techniques and materials, which she fits in on "quieter" days while other work is drying. During 2017 Christine has worked equally with both media and recently has made a lot of effort to work with still life subjects.

She isn't always able to paint daily but does so on three or four days per week. Her aim is to improve with both her chosen media, and to tackle subjects that are rather outside her comfort-zone.