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Christine E. S. Code

I am a full-time artist born and raised in rural Saskatchewan, Canada. We are known as the Land of the Living Skies here in Saskatchewan - a common theme in my paintings. I do like to explore other subjects as well and aim to convey a particular mood or atmosphere in each piece. I enjoy the techniques of impressionism and tonalism; usually painting alla prima - wet on wet, in one sitting. Lately I've been using mostly oils, but occasionally I will apply an acrylic underpainting for texture or tone.


I have three children and I am an avid gardener!



My husband is a woodworker in his spare time and has become my personal framer.

More about frames:
You can request a floating frame on any painting purchase and it will be custom made and mounted before I ship it out. These frames are handcrafted out of solid wood and custom to each individual painting. No stain, mouldings, or paint - the specialty wood is carefully selected to compliment the painting with a clearcoat varnish to preserve the wood's natural color. I only paint on stretched canvas which are ready to hang, so the frames are not necessary, but they are gorgeous! 



CES paintings are collected both locally and internationally.



Coming in November 2021 - Kerrobert Courtroom Gallery, Kerrobert SK Canada
2017 - "Florals" Wheatland Regional Library, Eston SK Canada
2016 - "Eston 100" Heritage Museum Gallery, Eston SK Canada
2015 - "Paintings by CES" Heritage Museum Gallery, Eston SK Canada


2020 - "Atmosphere Comes Alive" Joint show with Carol Carter, Dandelion Art Gallery, Saskatoon SK Canada
2016 - "A Haunting at the Hive" curated by Chaotic Attractors, The Hive Art Gallery, New Jersey USA



2015 - US Ponds and Water Gardens, "A Look at Koi Artists"
2013 - Prairies North Magazine, "The Artist in an Internet Landscape"



Heritage Museum Gallery, Eston SK.

Works held in private collections in Canada, the United States, Australia, Belgium, England, Germany, Norway, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Italy.

Keep up on my newest paintings and gardening adventures on my facebook page: Paintings by CES: CES on Facebook

To join my mailing list, please email me: paintingsbyces@live.ca