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​After working at various jobs in advertising, fashion illustration and clothing design for 25 years I am finally doing something I really love, painting and drawing. I am largely self taught with a lot of training on the job and have had some instruction in classical drawing, sight size technique, and classical painting. Currently I teach life drawing, portraiture and oil painting. 

My recent work involves small, a la prima, still-life and figurative paintings. I started creating a painting a day on 5/5/09 as a daily practice and discipline in order to liberate my work by painting from life in a restricted amount of time. In carefully considering placement, shape, color, composition and lighting, I strive to find the essence and beauty of common objects. My other work takes days, weeks or months to complete one painting. The time constraint of producing a painting a day forces me to look for what is essential. Plus it keeps me busy and helps me feel productive.