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Colleen OHair

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My goal when I start painting, is to use richness of color and light to capture the moment. I want to evoke emotion from the viewer, to help them recognize or remember "that" feeling or mood. Whether it's about catching the long shadows at the end of the day, or portraying the personality of an animal, I'm not satisfied until the moment is palpable.

I like to think of myself as a village taught artist. My formal education is in science, but I've been surrounded (and taught) by artists my entire life. I remember my father taking the fat crayon from my tiny fist to teach me how to shade the images in my coloring book. One sister taught me that orange and blue were complementary colors; another taught me contour drawing when I was 15. I've gleaned lessons from friends and family and random strangers my whole life.

Originally from the Midwest, I traveled all over the country looking for home. I found it in the Pacific Northwest. Now, I live and paint on a beautiful island, surrounded by constant inspiration. I'm still being taught by the village.‚Äč

If a painting you love is marked "hold", it is because it is in a show. Feel free to contact me to purchase it and have it taken out of the show.

I am happy to do commissions, depending on the subject. Please contact me for more information.