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Connie McLennan

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After graduating with a BA in journalism, I studied illustration at San Francisco's Academy of Art. With thirty years of advertising and children's books behind me, I am a "recovering illustrator"--concentrating on painting and still a work-in-progress. Because of my background, I began as a realist, but I admire and am moving toward more painterly impressionism. I have been blogging my paintings sporadically since 2007 and joined DPW in November, 2012.

Although am unable to post as often or as regularly as I would prefer, participating in DPW has been both rewarding and delightful. David, Carol and Sophie continue to create and maintain a dynamic, friendly, amazing site with so many features for both artists and buyers.

July 2017 update: Existing paintings are available, but I am on indefinite hiatius. Over the past year I have completed a paralegal certificate and look forward to an invigorating new career. Selling art is too frustrating, and I cannot just "paint for myself" for the next 20 years.