Corinne Slusser

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I grew up moving east. We started in California, did a stint in North Dakota and ended up in Ohio where I graduated from high school and attended The Ohio State University. I graduated in 1992 with a BS in Industrial Design, Visual Communication, got married a month later and moved to Birmingham, Alabama where I got my first job in an advertising firm.

Two years later my husband and I moved to Idaho and had our first child. I stayed home and delighted myself with being a mom. Over the next few years we had three more children and I began to homeschool them. I dabbled with graphic design a bit but it never went any farther than a logo, a few business cards or letterhead. Years passed...

Now my kids are older and starting to fly the nest. A good friend of ours is a professional artist and challenged me to start oil painting. I went to a workshop he was giving and fell in love with the process and sold one of my first pieces, a large hollyhock painting. I tried to add painting into the mix of kids, family, school, life but painting would often fall by the wayside. I would paint and then set is aside for months. I needed something on a smaller scale that I could do everyday and challenge myself to improve. Now I am doing that with a "daily painting" I put daily painting in quotes because I try to do one most days but I am not legalistic about it. Today I worked as a substitute teacher, I will not paint but I did think about the composition of my painting that I will do tomorrow.

My goal as an artist is to bring you joy and to make you pause to find beauty in the unusual, the common and the ordinary. I want to help people see the uncommon beauty that surrounds them everyday and to let the splendor of God's creation overwhelm them.