Debbie Yacenda

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I am a painter who uses whatever medium strikes my fancy at the moment... oil, watercolor, pastels, acrylics or even a mixture of two or more mediums. Most of my works are done with acrylics on wood panels due to the brilliant colors and versitile ease of use. I love the outdoors so my subjects are usually flowers or landscapes.

I belong to an en plein air group called the Plein Airies. Most of the subjects and inspiration come from my outings with this awesome group of ladies who make it fun and encouraging. We have been together since 2012. One of the ladies is responsible for me joining Daily Paintworks.

My painting experience began when I watched my children learn to paint with a private tutor. I was so jealous and thought, "That's crazy!" So I signed up for private lessons too. I've been hooked ever since. I paint because I have to... love it!