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Diane Campion

I am an artist and lover of nature, a lifelong learner through observation as well as weekly, year round art instruction with a dynamic group of women.  Although most of my work is done in my home studio or in class, I travel on a plein air painting adventure each year with a group of painters and instructor.  These experiences have been invaluable to me both artistically and personally.


My world is chock full of inspiration.  Everything has the potential to become a painting.  I draw inspiration from the ever-changing beauty and curiosities of nature, as well as from the details, textures and patterns I see in everyday life---the subtle beauty of a flower’s petal or the rusty patina of an old car, as well as through my travels.  I am often compelled to paint from photographs I have taken that capture a particular feeling inside of me, or a snippet of everyday life. 


Daily Paintworks will be a new adventure for me.   I am excited to be in the company of so many fine artists, and to share my work on a broader scale.