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Diane Hutchinson

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‚ÄčI am a self taught artist working in the South Florida area.
My 30 year experience was mainly in custom ceramic tile murals. I have made murals for public art projects including 4, 10' x 7' murals on the side of a bridge in Ft.Lauderdale, as well as many corporate and private installations.
I have always painted to show my clients designs for their murals. In 2010 I retired from the tile business but not from art. I have been teaching art classes at the local art supply store, a private club and the community center. I have also been painting every day possible. My work has been mostly in watercolors but I am delving into oils and slow drying acrylics.
After following Daily Paintworks for a long time, I finally decided to post some of my work.(May 2016.) I am painting every day and hope to continue painting and posting my artwork on DPW. I love this community of artists.