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Eileen Hennemann
I am indeed in the process of finding my artistic "voice". Before 2014 I'd been threatening to paint. This was while I was a partner in a graphic design firm. There I learned how to handle the chaotic discipline I seem to be personally challenged with today. My background at the Academy of Art in Montreal helped in my career, but not in actually creating anything on a consistent basis. 

The inspiration I have found has been through the abilities of other artists, particularly impressionists, their techniques and how they could capture the real sense of the moment, movement and light.

This journey is thrilling and I am learning from some exceptional artists. The one thing that I've learned above all else is that I am allowed to paint what I feel I'm seeing, not just what is actually there. That was a revelation!


COPYRIGHT: Sale, acquisition or donation of any artwork created by the artist Eileen Hennemann results in the artist retaining solely all rights to all reproduction for any purpose. 

NOTE: Please note that each computer monitor is calibrated differently, so the colors in the original painting might differ from what you see on your computer screen or device.