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Elaine Evans

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Elaine Evans
Artists Biography
Born the third child of thirteen children, my childhood took place in the rural country side of New York State. Having been part of such a large family, I rarely found solitary moments. As a result, those precious moments were the moments I loved to capture in my art. As a young girl I often could be found sitting by a stream sketching landscapes of the area. Even then I was interested in the human form and studied the faces of my siblings or my own in the reflection of a mirror.Having so many siblings, I had a plethora of models to work from.
My formal art study began in 1970 when I studied Commercial Art at Dutchess Community College in Poughkeepsie, New York. In 1973 I left New York for California where I studied at West Los Angeles City College, Pierce Community College, California from 1989 through 1996. I then transferred to California State University, Northridge and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Painting in January 2000.I have extended my studies into sculpting at the LA Academy of Figurative Arts where I focused on figure sculpting. I also studied with the well know sculptor Mario Jason, where I learned mold making and casting.Sculpting figures has been an extension of my love of the human figure. I have studied oils, acrylics, watercolor, mosaics, sculpting and continue to explore whatever avenue of creativity that may capture my curiosity. I also paint landscapes, animals, and have been contracted to do commission work of portraits. My love for the figure and portraits continue to be my passion, my goal is to find the spirit and soul of my subjects.