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I love to paint.  I love to draw.  Painting is drawing with a brush.  At least for me, it satisfies that part of my brain that has the need to take something in the world, or in my imagination, and interpret the scene/object in a way that accentuates some appealing visual aspect, usually the way light triggers a feeling...awe, appreciation, inspiration.  Painting, at it's best, is visual poetry, light and color are the words.  If painting is a language, then what I'm always saying is:  "Just look at that light!  Soft or stark, warm or cool, just look at that! Take it in!" 

I have always loved birds, studied birds, marveled at birds, and so I gravitate to them as a subject in my painting.  I love their aerodynamic form, their uniqueness in the animal kingdom, their spectrum of colors, and the fact that they can fly and, inadvertently, are archetypes for freedom.  Because I've always been captivated by birds and started drawing them when I was a little kid, naturally they are a muse for me.  

The daily painter approach has been an important discovery.  Paint small (or not), paint daily (almost), and grow as an artist.  I've always had a natural proclivity for art; drawing and an appreciation and perceptivity to the visual effects of light have always been there.  But I always lacked discipline.  I would go through spurts of creating, and then long spells without even picking up a pencil to draw.  When I came across DailyPaintWorks, it gave me a goal: do something artistic daily, even if it's just drawing an object on a piece of paper for a few minutes.  

Painting miniatures lends itself perfectly to the concept of daily painting.  When painting on a very small scale, if some degree of realism is desired, I must be precise with form and perspective.  There is very little room for error.  Along with precision, lively, fresh, confident brushwork is what breaths life into a painting.  My eye will not be satisfied unless there is a painterly quality, with loose, abstract elements, along with the details.

Anyway, that's a little about me and my process.  Thank you for taking a look at the artwork here in my gallery.  I hope you enjoy.... Gary