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Graham Townsend

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My name is Graham Townsend, I live in Belgium with my wife Stephanie and our beautiful daughters Jaynevieve and Evangeline.  Painting is the hobby that I try to squeeze into the few gaps that real life leaves in my schedule!

A keen scribbler as a youth, I was introduced to acrylics by my late step-grandmother, and exhibited a few paintings before the distractions of my teens.  A brief hiatus of about 25 years followed, where I hardly painted at all, until 2008 when I decided to try my hand with oils.  Finding that I enjoyed them, I have been painting ever since, and doing my best to improve. 

Getting lots of practice, looking at the work of as many other artists as I can, picking apart how they have produced their paintings, reading up on the theory and techniques, thinking about pictures, and how to create them, as often as possible - and just trying to keep my eyes open and actually see things.