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Heidi Schreiner Fine Art

Awkward nerd, joyous introvert, engineering drafter, whole-hearted Christian, and person who waits in line for gluten-free cheese curds (Yay! Farmer’s market!). Heidi Schreiner is a fine artist painting in oils.

How to share life's magic moments

Your daily life has moments of joy and beauty. Laughing with friends, great music, hikes in nature – however you love life, you have moments like these. Many of these great times take place in your home – your personal space.

When your home doesn’t reflect who you are, it sucks. Whether it’s as simple as a bare wall that makes your space feel unfinished or if your entire home needs some hardcore Home Goods – ugly shuts down great vibes. (We've all been there!)

On the other hand, if your home is GREAT – it is peaceful, beautiful, joyful. From your first cup of coffee to your fuzzy socks at night, it makes life a bit easier, more beautiful. You recall great memories, too.

My art captures those everyday magic moments. For all those walks where I found the perfect leaf! (ask me how I had a purse full of crumbled leaf bits). For the coffee cup that is the perfect color orange! (and all the other things that I love that are colorful) For the furry friends that are so sweet! (I start doing a happy dance in my studio when they look back at me.) – all of these moments are what I capture in my art.

When I was very small, I read a lot of books (still do!). I fell in love with the beautiful illustrations in those books. Later on, I started drawing, and I was excited to see the things that could be done with just a pencil.

Over the years I’ve worked as a landscape designer and an engineering drafter. I’ve designed several homes, too. More and more, I’ve realized that our personal space is special – or it can be. It can reflect who you are, make you feel at peace or excited, and help you to smile more.

When I started getting back into my art seriously several years ago, I realized the part of my life that had been short-changed for many years. I’d expressed myself creatively, but part of me needs to create as an artist. Creating something and seeing that beauty makes my heart skip a little. I chase that feeling every day.

Truth --> When my painting or drawing rings with something beautiful, there’s often a ‘Woo hoo!’ or other craziness in my studio. *Happy Dance!*

There are a lot of things that bring joy to my life. I share that in my art.

If you’re looking around at my art and something makes you smile or your heart skips a beat – consider that perhaps you might have that experience every day in your home. Many of the pieces are small and easy to ship (and easy to collect!) Start your collection today!