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I've loved art since I was a little girl. I started taking oil painting lessons in my early teens, and started selling portrait art not too long after. Later I attended Otis College in Los Angeles, where I studied drawing, anatomy, and painting.

My favorite mediums are oils, some acrylics, as well as graphite. But mostly oils. My aim is to explore a variety of subjects, with more attention spent on portraits and figure painting. I'm also now dabbling with still lifes and animals, in particular cats and birds!

ABOUT THE ART MATERIALS USED: I'm a bit of an art materials junkie. I love to experiment with new products and brands of painting panels, brushes, and paint. I almost always use panels (as opposed to stretched canvas) because panels seem to last longer and are less fragile. (More and more artists are migrating to rigid painting surfaces, because oil paintings on panels are less likely to crack as the years pass.) I use good quality paints and always confirm that the colors are lightfast, which means they won't fade prematurely.

Please note that I retain reproduction rights to my artwork.

Also note that each computer monitor is calibrated differently, so the colors in the original painting might differ from what you see on your computer screen.