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Jacinthe Rivard

I’m from a little town called St-Lazare near Montreal, Canada. (Yes, I’m french but I speak fluent english… with a cute accent) 

I paint everyday objects, always in oils.

I love to go antiquing to find the perfect vintage object to star in my art. 

My muse is always the light. I love the way it reflects on a glass bottle, metal or even a plastic wrapper.  

A Coke bottle is just a Coke bottle until you shine a spotlight on it and then it becomes a super star! 

The first step in my creation is taking the right picture. I take a lot of pictures before I’m happy with one.  

For me a nice picture = a nice painting.

I have studied Fashion design but other then that, I’m self taught.

I’m just a girl, standing in front of the world, asking it to love her because she paints pretty pictures ;) 


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