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Jacqueline Davis

Welcome to my Daily Paintworks site!

I am a contemporary artist, working predominantly in oils; I love their lush creaminess, depth of color and intensity of pigment.
My work portrays a little bit of nostalgia with a contemporary edge. I’m inspired by florals, vintage ceramics, and beautiful little collected glass pieces.

I love to share my work and bring a little touch of joy into people's lives through original and authentic art. To keep things fresh I also paint in watercolor and mixed media.

If you would like to follow my journey I would love you to join me on Instagram!

I have had a long creative career, initially as graphic designer, then after gaining a degree in Manchester UK, I taught high school for many years. I had a brief stint in ceramics before finally setting on oil painting.
I studied painting at the Art Students League of New York and retain a love and strong bond with art history. Being fortunate to live close to New York City I have been strongly involved in the local community, hosting gallery visits and tours to many of the art museums.

I'm also known to teach classes and workshops, here and there!

Thank you for taking a look!