Jelaine Faunce

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Jelaine is a contemporary realism painter currently residing in Las Vegas, NV. She graduated from UNLV in 1996 with a B.A. in Fine Art. There was a short stint as a muralist in between then and now which left her with a distinct distaste for painting things larger than 8 ft. wide. Go figure. Her preferred medium is oil on canvas, and she works in the still life genre. She prefers bold colors, and strong contrasts between light and shadow, and typically chooses subjects that give a sense of intimacy, abundance, serenity or humor. And sometimes she paints neon signs because they make her feel nostalgic. She also finds it difficult to type about herself in the third person, so do know that she cringed mightily while writing this bio. Also, don't send her your Jenny Craig bill if you happen to gain weight from viewing her work. Apologies.

Jelaine currently offers ArtByte tutorials as well for anyone crazy...err....patient enough to try her layered technique. Enjoy!