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I BELIEVE WE ARE ALL BORN WITH GIFTS.I learned about mine when I was about the age of eight, while working alongside my grandmother who owned a flower shop. She told me I had an eye for putting colors together and balancing a flower arrangement. I learned and I love to create beauty. But what I discovered on my own, was my love for working with my hands and the peace it gave my soul.Mostly self-taught, I have painted for over 30 years. And through this expression I have learned many things about myself along the way. As a young Artist, I was very self-critical and I spent too much time comparing my work to other Artists. It wasn't until I was older that I learned to "Be Still" and listen to my own voice. I believe this is when my art work took a big turn. When you follow your heart, and observe what brings you joy, it opens up your most pure self.
I am grateful to share my joy with others!