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Jessica T. Kovan

I am a mixed media artist and educator. Drawing inspiration from the world around me, I find myself exploring the intersection of art, culture, politics, nature and human decision making - or whatever is on my mind that day. ​My art is often characterized as thoughtful, storytelling and layered.

I grew up in the inner city and have recently moved to northern Michigan where I am chasing the dream of living in the woods and breathing fresh air. In doing so, I am finding myself even more apt to be inspired by and painting the beauty around me.

Just for fun, here are some random facts about me that just might show up in my artwork:

- I am happiest in the woods with a backpack on my back.  

- In high school my dream was to be a park ranger living in a fire tower. Three degrees later (Geography, Agricultural Economics, and Adult Education), I now dream of being an artist in a fire tower.  

- I worked my way through college in a pet store and lived in a small room in a co-op with
2 parakeets, a cockatiel, a quail, an iguana, tropical fish, and silky mice. My animals were vegetarians like me until my lizard broke every bone in his body jumping off my dresser. Thank heavens I learned this lesson before having kids.  

- I eat a piece of dark chocolate almost every day at 10am.

- I started running when I was 12 and never stopped. People think I’m athletic because I can run in a straight line. I’ve been cut from every sports team I've ever tried out for. 

- I love the X-MEN. Storm is my favorite superhero – she controls the elements. I have always wanted to be her.

- I’m an INTP. I'm messy and the universe is amazing.

- I met Jeff when I was 18. We were camp counselors together. He was the golf director and I was the arts and nature director.  Three wonderful kids and 35 years later, we are still chasing dreams.

I have a hard time making decisions – there are too many possibilities in life – which is why I am a mixed media artist.