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Jim Moyer

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Hello, Rae and I want to thank you for stopping by,

That is Rae behind the alabaster sculpture. Not only does she work the gallery she submits medical claims for Doctors all over the US.

J Michael Moyer 1941- I love to paint..... I was raised in the Northwest in a family of artists. My grandparents lived in Chicago and my brother and I would spend a couple summers studying at the Art Institute of Chicago however I am basically self taught. It was during this time there was a National contest for a new logo that represented the natural gas companies and one of the three submissions that I entered won first place and is still used to this day, the natural gas flame that is used in their advertising. After a hitch in the Navy I remained in California painting and studying with top artists of the 60's showing my works at Galleries in Carmel, Cannery Row, Monterey along with Sun Valley, Idaho. I have works in numerous Museums, including the Smithsonian, Monac and the Big House on Pennsylvania Ave. I am the founding member of PAPI Plein Air Painters of Idaho plus the Artists of the West A/W.