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Jiyoung Kim

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Hi, my name is Jiyoung Kim and I was born and raised in South Korea. Now I live and work in a small studio in Burnaby, B.C, Canada. I usually paint one or two paintings everyday unless life gets in the way. At the corner of my studio, there is a small table which I call it 'my painting stage' and there, I set up a still life objects and paint them from life. My current interests are the things around me like cups, fruits, wrapping papers, ribbons, bowls, plates........ and those that I use and see everyday. I find the beauty of ordinary objects and like to paint them. I am inspired by light, shadow, colors, reflections and the mood created by weather and many many more by nature. Sometimes even a single word or quote does wonder for me.

After straying so many years by having not-art-related jobs, I finally concluded that art is where I belong and decided to give myself another try before it's too late. Now I turned 40 this year and chasing my childhood dream. I feel great to follow my heart.