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Julie Hermanson

I started oil painting as a way to do something fun with my dad. I never intended it to be much more than that, but I started to enjoy it more and more. Now, I have my own studio space where I can paint on my own any time! I still paint with my dad when I can, just because it's fun! I've taken a couple of classes from artists, I attended the first two Plein Air Conventions put on by Eric Rhodes, I've participated in a plein air painting group, and I do online learning as well as learning from my dad who has had art school training, and is part of an art critique group. My favorite artists are Michele Usibelli,  Teddi Parker, Scott Christensen, Paula Kosanovic Swain, Cathleen Reyfeld, Joshua Been, Mike Hernandez, and Mark Boedges.  I'm married to a CEO who loves to fish and play in the mountains, I have 3 grown children, and 3 grandsons, one of whom we are raising. I love to hike with my dog Penny whenever possible, and living in the Pacific Northwest, there is a lot of that available to me! In 2022, I decided to join the daily painting movement as a way to learn and improve! Let's see how that goes!