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In 1970, when I was in the eighth grade, I met with my guidance counselor to determine my electives. I told her I wanted to be an artist and she registered me for Art 101. I still remember how eager I felt on the first day of class, sitting behind a huge paint-splattered table, until the teacher began telling us what would be required in order to pass her class. Anticipation turned to fear. The occasional “C” was shame enough, to get an “F” would be mortifying. When the dismissal bell rang, I ran to my guidance counselor’s office and told her how I felt. If only I had. Instead, I told her I had been wrong. I thought art was boring and I wanted to switch to Home Ec..

In college, the longing to major in art continued, but I couldn’t get past the belief, I wasn’t good enough. Twenty-two years went by. It wasn’t until the Y2K scare in 1999, I thought if the world is going to end, I would at least like to try a watercolor class. I was forty-three when I enrolled in a community college continuing education art class and haven’t stopped painting since.

I've earned signature membership in the Southern Watercolor Society & Watercolor Society of North Carolina. Dreamscaping with alcohol inks emerged out of a spirit of play in 2009. It's popularity prompted me to produce five instructional dvds and write Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping. Since June of 2017 my focus has been oils.

My debut novel, She Lost Her Muse is a young artist’s journey in overcoming self-doubt. It could be anyone’s journey at any age. Being held back by fear impacts us all. It’s especially powerful when trying to get in touch with our creative selves.


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She Lost Her Muse, The Maypole Artists, Book 1 - KU free on Amazon

She Held The Key, The Maypole Series, Book 2, and the concluding sequel, is also KU free.

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