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Karleen Kareem

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The historical town of Sanford, FL. is where I call home. This town has a lot of art and culture, and I love it. I live in a historical house and from there is where I do my artwork. Most of my work is Contemporary/Naive/ Folk Art / Whimsical. Recently, I started doing Abstract, which I enjoy very much. Since doing Abstract Art, I found it to be much harder to do than what I previously thought, therefore, I have a new admiration for those that are successful at it. My favorite medium is acrylic, but I do use watercolors, as well. I use either stretched canvas or quality canvas paper and for the watercolors, quality watercolor paper.

If you ever visit St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. stop in at the Dream Sugar Bay Resort. Check out my original paintings displayed there in the gift shop, Castaways. They have a lot of really cool things there.

Artist Statement:

What inspires me, is the world around me. The trees, ocean, lakes, birds and all of creation. Of course, other artists have been a big inspiration, too. Carolee Clark, Martina Shapiro and Blenda Tyvoll, to name a few. But, I have to add my mother, because, she was very creative and they say it runs in the family. I hope I have been blessed with as much creativity as she had.

I paint because I need to. My whole life, I felt like something was missing. I felt incomplete even though I delve into creative things such as Needle Point, sewing, ceramics, cake decorating, but at the age of 60, I finally picked up a paint brush and my whole world opened up! I thank God every day for giving me creativity, and as long as I can still paint, nothing will ever be too bad in life. It goes to show you, at any age, you can find your calling and passion in life.