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Kat Corrigan

I paint in acrylic on black-gessoed wood or canvas, allowing some of the black to show through. It is the power of the dark that gives the acrylic its luminosoty. Painting on white feels weaker and less bold-  
I have been painting for over twenty years, though have pushed to daily painting in the last decade, largely due to Carol Marine's work!  Committing to a daily painting practice has caused a great maturation in my technique; my decision-making process has become intuitive and automatic, to the point where my efficiency has reached epic proportions. I need to be able to paint a work quickly and usually in one sitting, or it doesn't feel as "fresh" as I like it.

I've also been a teacher for most of my life, and have found that working with adults is more of a joy than I'd expected. In our group discussions we've found common ground and made new paths for ourselves together. I keep experimenting with what can work in our world of creativity and color, and I love learning to tease out the personal vision in each of us.

I have a blog that I post to almost daily and that usually contains the earliest notice of my upcoming classes, some of which are now online! http://katcorrigan.blogspot.com/