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Kathleen Kat Carrier

They call me Kat, I am an Artist that currently resides in Sycamore, IL. I express myself through my art and for many years I worked exclusively in pencil. In most recent years I have grown to love acrylics and could say now I love them almost as much as I love my pencil. Whether it is pencils or acrylics they're all just tools I use to connect mind to paper. There is one thing that hasn't changed about me is my passion for people. It thrills me to use my tools to capture their souls on paper. That one glance, there for all time.
Attending The School of the Art Institute of Chicago amongst various other local schools made me realize my creativity flows best when I am free to do it my way. At the present I really enjoy doing smaller works because they give me a feeling of accomplishment and encourage me to pick up my brush every day.
Join me now and take a look into the simple things in life that I love.