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After years of sporadic creativity Kent decided to join a local group of plein air painters in the summer of 2007 in Waxahachie, Texas. And so it began, an enthusiasm to paint more consistently was born. Setting up an easel on location had the effect of changing they way he approached painting in a completely different way.  

A few years later he decided to try his hand at oils, retiring the watercolors after a 30-year run. "Watercolor is awesome, but for me personally, switching to oils combined with painting outdoors was life changing as-far-as quality and quantity of work. And it allowed me to plug-in to the community of artists that call this area home."

Kent focuses on creating landscapes in Texas and the southwestern United States. He considers a painting successful when it has a pleasing composition, a loose and expressive feel, and represents his subject matter with lots of atmosphere.

The title of Kent’s blog - Intrusions of Culture - came from one of his posts about a plein air outing adjacent to a herd of grazing cattle in a central Texas pasture. Far from any form of culture yet intruding on the turf of a bunch of disinterested cows. "When you think about its association with painting on location, the title fits. Sometimes you feel a little strange, painting on a street corner or on the side of a remote country road. But most observers are friendly and interested in what I'm doing."