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I was born in Dayton, Ohio but have moved from coast to coast over the years. Art was always a part of my life to which I kept returning no matter what else happened. I have studied drawing, portraiture, oils, and watercolors in classes and workshops across the U.S.

I work mainly in the studio but love plein air painting which was introduced to me several years ago when I lived in Virginia. My natural curiosity leads me to try various mediums but I always return to oils and watercolors.

I am drawn to nature - the water, mountains and forests - as well as cats, dogs and people.

I look at a picture of a lake, but it's only when standing on the shore of that lake that I truly absorb the sun, wind, smell, and sound. This is what draws me to painting on location. But, I am equally at home in my studio listening to good music and letting the paint flow.

Although I may be very familiar with a place or subject and have my own perspective, I want you to use my paintings as a starting point to create your own story. What type of day is it? Who left the flowers on the table? Is the place deserted, forgotten or lost in time?

All of my senses influence my work and I hope that your senses are stimulated when you view it.

In addition to painting, I also design jewelry which can be viewed on my website which will be live shortly, and Facebook. I accept painting and jewelry commissions. You can contact me via email or phone if you are interested in a painting but don't use PayPal. I do accept credit cards via Square.