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TEMPORARY CONDITION: We lost everything, including all my art and supplies, in the Camp Fire of November 8, 2018. I will have a studio space to paint in coming this fall. Please watch for new paintings soon. And thank you for visiting.
​Painting With Intention is my theme, and the goal of my painting is to create works that mean something positive, interesting, and engaging. I want people to feel the emotion I felt, find themselves drawn into the work, and rest there for awhile, to get lost in the seeing, curious to know the connection, and feeling appreciation. To achieve that, I spend time meditating, sketching and writing as part of my inspired painting process, to share my vision effectively.

I have come to understand that the artist's energy, on all levels, creates art, and that the art actually creates energy in a space. Therefore, I believe it is important to think about this energetic exchange within and without, and keep a positive intention at all times during the creative process. This is what I strive to live. This is what I strive to teach.