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Hi! The following text may be a bit boring- so, please, go directly to my gallery page to section "AVAILABLE" and let my pictures speak to you))

..I was born and raised in a small Ukrainian village… My grandmother was a skilled artisan-weaver, her love for colors, songs, and garden fed my imagination. Since then I am considering myself an artistic craftswoman, an artist with a stitched Soul.

I receive a formal education as a fashion designer in the late 90th and had a great career in dressmaking and home textile, always following a passion for painting and color compositions. Being persistent, curious, and intuitive I made a life path through childhood in the soviet state, perestroika in Moscow, lived and worked in UK, West Africa, and now settled in a French mountain village, closer to nature...Multicultural and multilingual environments influenced greatly my art, I have a great passion for animals and for nature. Like many great artists like Chagal, Franz Marc shows me how poetic can be a relationship between humans, animals, and nature. I am trying to capture this deep meaning and put it into my paintings.

You can find me on social media:

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IG    https://www.instagram.com/lanoramma/