Laura Gable

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Having grown up in rural western Nebraska, I quickly found myself at home here on the dry side of eastern Washington. Like many of my peers, I've been involved in art for most of my life--having discovered a deep "knowing" towards art and color at a very early age. However, a career in art became a rather evasive thing, with practical and professional pursuits taking me in other directions for many years. Since early 2001, I've been painting prolifically, trying to make up for lost time -- I suppose. Immersing myself in oils (and sometimes watercolor, book art and mixed media) seems to fill a deep basic need. I've been honored that my work has won a few awards and I have a growing number of wonderful collectors.

I am a colorist, and recently my work has gone in a more impressionistic direction as I try to "lose the line." A consummate student of art, I join figurative sketch sessions when possible and occasionally take painting workshops from learned artists. My biggest absorption of late has been plein air painting, and I have enjoyed several soul nurturing painting excursions in my home region as well as nearby Palouse Falls, Montana, and Hood River, Oregon. The process of capturing the light, and connection to nature are most compelling. Nature is a valuable teacher.

Please enjoy my galleries and contact me with any questions or comments.