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Laurie Johnson Lepkowska

Hi! I Studied art in college and like so many, life got in the way and carried me in another direction ...later in life I made the decision to quit my job, sell my home and study full time at the Scottsdale Artist School ......taking over 32 workshops and classes; and studying with such notable artists as Michael Malm, Kim English, Dan Gerhartz, Sherry McGraw, Nancy Chaboun and Peggi Kroll Roberts.


In 2006, I decided to do something adventuous and travel to Paris for 4 months ...and in that time painted in Monet's Garden in a 10 day Art Study program and also in a wonderful workshop with Nancy Chaboun in the heart of Paris.  After returning to the states, I studied with the Jeffrey Watts Atelier School and now paint at the Art Bias Art Center teaching art classes and workshops at the center as well as through the Adult Education program at Filoli Mansion in Woodside, CA .


My paintings are now being signed with the addition of my real family name, "Lepkowska". I am Polish. When my grandfather moved to the USA via Ellis Island he was studying to become a monk in Wisconsin......THANK GOODNESS he changed his mind about that and moved to Pittsburgh PA to find a job. He had difficulty finding one because of the prejudices of the time, and changed our family name to Johnson in order to get work. I am taking back our beautiful family name in his honor.


Thank you for visiting my gallery :)