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Linda Apple has been a full-time artist for over 40 years. Growing up in the Appalachian hills of Southern Ohio, she was active in drawing and painting at an early age and received artistic support from creative and loving parents. Awarded a scholarship to the Columbus College of Art & Design in 1964 was her first step of a life-loving journey into the creation of art.
Always seeking new ideas and experiences led Apple to France, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Mexico, Canada and the U.S.A. southwest. Over the past 40 years her work has gained international recognition being exhibited in Mexico, Canada and the U.S. A. while finding it's way into many prominent collections around the world.
Life experiences have influenced and altered her work many times throughout her career. In addition to her painting Apple has created sculpture for over 20 years. The earlier pieces were large, in a classic style, in wood, marble and welded metal. Now they are smaller figures in mixed media.
Technical and personal aspects of her work have merged to produce touching and whimsical images that stir the imagination and inspire the viewer to notice the little everyday moments of our life.
"I would describe my work as a mix of realism and impressionism. The completed paintings have an authentic painterly representation of the subject, often with a touch of humor. I went online with my work and became part of the daily painters network in 2006." Over 1200 paintings have been sold to collectors in the United States and in countries around the world, such as the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia and Japan.