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Linda Jacobus

I picked up a brush in 1992 and stroked the canvas, I knew then that I wanted to paint. ‚ÄčI am a self-taught artist that loves to study as much as I love to paint. Being self-taught and using the methods of my own choosing has enabled me to accomplish techniques in which I can freely express my own creativity. I would call myself a tonal painter, I love to depict the unique degrees of values. Most of all I love to capture the light that shines upon the subject and the shadows that bring forth that light.

I have won awards, commissioned works and have paintings throughout the country and abroad. I am teaching workshops and am having a lot of fun with my students. I am represented by Proctor Art Gallery. I have been included in William Rowett's art collections, a well known international art collector. William Rowett has had quite the plublicity including being featured in the Art Collectors magazine.

I have come to the conclusion with all my studying that what I paint has already been created by God. I just copy His works and the creativity that He shows me. He is my teacher.