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Painting always begins as a dance with light, color, form and space.  The painting comes to a conclusion when I can "breathe the air" in the new imagined space, and feel some of the vital energy of the original experience.

Current Projects

Outdoor still life: After living in central New York for almost two decades, the bright sunlight in Florida is a new and welcome challenge. I have moved the still life outdoors to capture the unique colors of light and shadow.

Landscape: Landscape has always been a great love at home and through travel.

People and Crowds: The beach and farmer's market are feasts of non-regular pattern and color. In groups people are another element of pattern, but individually and in small groups I am fascinated by body language.

Animals and Birds: photos are essential to stop action, and they give me the opportunity to study detail that I would never see otherwise. 



My formal art education began in an intense fine art program at Cranbrook-Kingswood High School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. At the University of Michigan I earned a BFA in Graphic Design. I worked in Boston and in Portland, Maine as a graphic designer and art director. I value the many things I learned in the business, but after ten years I was ready for new challenges in fine art.

The Maine landscape was the force that sent me back to painting. As much art as I had made to that point, I really hadn’t found a subject that spoke to me so deeply.  I worked exclusively in pastels through the 80’s and taught my methods in adult-ed courses. After 12 years in Maine, job opportunities took us to the New Orleans area, and subsequently to Baton Rouge. I returned to school to earn my MFA from Louisiana State University.  Grad school was a rich experience 20 years after undergrad.  With nine painting professors to guide me, I gained a greater appreciation of contemporary art and art history. I also taught courses in drawing, color and design.  

In 2000 I joined the faculty at State University of New York, Cortland, where I taught painting, drawing, figure drawing, color, and BFA thesis courses.  I also Chaired the Department of Art and Art History.  I am now retired, as a Professor Emeritus, and reside in Southwest Florida.