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Lydia Gatzow

I am a contemporary, emerging landscape oil painter inspired by wilderness and by the breath taking beauty of nature. My work hovers between abstract sensibility, emotive expression, and representational imagery.

I hope to convey the energy of my experiences painting outdoors through my own authentic way of mark making and "seeing." Nature is my primary inspiration. I paint wild spaces with the desire to motivate others to respect, preserve, and appreciate our sacred lands. I see my paintings as thoughtful conversations with mother earth, the largest living and breathing organism known to mankind. I believe oil paintings can transform interior spaces and awaken the soul - the inner and outer temples of the human body.

Before attending art school I embarked upon an outward bound backpacking expedition in Colorado and joined world wide organic farmers in Sweden- both experiences bringing me closer to the wilderness and teaching me to work and "be" with the land in a meaningful way.

After graduating from Pratt Institute of Art & Design in Brooklyn with a BFA in painting, I lived in a yurt and worked on an organic farm in Vermont for several years. Throughout this time I began learning about and practicing Zen Buddhism and visiting a couple monasteries to attend retreat. In 2019 my partner and I set off to go on a North American road trip in our VW bus, where I painted over 12 national parks in the USA and in Canada.

This trip brought us to the southwest, where I am now living and painting. I have called Sedona home for 3 years now.

Currently I am represented by the Wyatt gallery at hillside plaza in Sedona, Arizona and am taking plein air workshops with renowned oil painter Bill Cramer. I hope you enjoy my field studies, everyday is an opportunity to connect deeper with the outdoors!