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Marie Marfia
Hello! I am an artist who likes to paint people, animals, the woods, the beach, wild flowers and skeletons. My medium of choice is soft pastel, although I dabble in acrylics now and then.

Recently I retired from working as a freelance graphic designer, and I'm looking forward to spending more time painting.

I am one of eleven children and grew up in the tiny town of Fennville, Michigan. I was the first girl after seven boys, so, not having a name picked out and my mom being unconscious, Dad and my brothers decided to draw a name out of a hat. Fortunately, Mom woke up in time to name me after her mother, although the boys still called me Mitzi for years afterward.

I live in Ludington, Michigan with my husband, Steve, and our lucky dog, Roger. I walk in the woods and along the beach as often as I can and try to paint every day.