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Marilyn M King

Contact me about commissions or for questions about existing art at marilynmking@yahoo.com

Marilyn King grew up in Charleston, South Carolina and Marietta, Georgia and currently makes her home in the beautiful Murells Inlet, South Carolina. She earned a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Georgia State University with a major in Illustration. Upon the completion of her college degree, she was privileged to undertake an apprenticeship under the award winning American illustrator, David M Gaadt.

Her 25+ year career as an illustrator gave her opportunity to work in multiple mediums and a plethora of styles achieving a wide range and depth of artistic and creative skills. Her commissions range from advertising art for Fortune Five Hundred Companies to book covers and editorial illustrations for various publishers across the U.S.

She took a brief hiatus from her art career to work in a family business but couldn’t stay away from her passion for creating for long. In 2007 she made a transition into fine art creations by concentrating on small still lifes in oil. In 2008 she began sharing this personal creative journey via an online art blog plus began selling her small paintings on eBay. In 2012 another break from art was necessary to fight cancer, care for her aging parents and move from Georgia. Five years later began a new season in which she is blessed to further hone her God given talent and skills in oil painting.  She gets excited with the knowledge that her work hangs in collections across the U.S. and in many nations abroad.

“I see beauty in everyday life and am constantly seeing "painting" subjects everywhere I look. As an illustrator my main concentration was on portraying a product or communicating a story or message. I would choose the most effective style or medium for the assignment. Now I am more free to explore the paint itself, to glory in the sensuousness of oil paint with the use of fluid brushstrokes. As I paint a still life or intimate landscape, I’m trying to capture the essence of beauty which I perceive and to communicate to the viewer that which they may not have noticed. I hope my work is visual poetry as defined by Webster: showing the "lyrical" quality or structural perfection of an object, act, or experience”.