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Marsha Savage

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Artist StatementMy philosophy and favorite saying is "It's the journey!" An artist should take pleasure in his journey, indulging in the pure joy of playing with the paints or whatever medium is used. For me it is the journey, not the destination! As the artist, capturing the emotion of a place, recognition or a feeling that one can identify with, is important to me. To make you see what I have seen is part of my objective; but have you feel something when looking at the painting is my intention ... I call it "viewer participation in the painting!" So, the journey of the mind is as important as the journey of the feet!

Artist Short Bio

I am a professional fine artist. My love of nature is what inspires my art. I produce paintings in pastel, oil or acrylic as my profession. I teach art and have been doing so in weekly classes and workshops around the United States for about 20 years.

Imagine flowing creeks, tall trees, sunlit rocks, rolling hills, apple orchards and the summer scent of fresh bailed hay. This is the inspiration for my journey and has led me across the country to the Western landscape, to Europe, the Caribbean and Jamaica. Coastal scenes, moss hanging from trees, and marshes captivate me ... but then red rocks and arroyos, tall mesa, buttes, and cliffs also get my creative spirit thinking about paint or pastel! My love for plein air work is about the journey of learning to observe correctly, which teaches me color, atmosphere and light. So ... my studio work is not limited by a photographic image because of my observations while plein air painting!

The inspiration for my art comes from a love of nature and outdoor activity. Some of my earliest memories are of taking off my shoes and wading in a creek, picking up a pretty rock, looking at the moss and running my hands over it. There is something about moss that makes me want to feel it. I create paintings from the Southeastern US, but also enjoy painting plein air and photographing in other places I visit. I love to spend time walking and exploring each new location before I start to paint. It allows me to soak up some of the color partnerships I find there and the way they integrate and harmonize with each other. Travel adds to the resources I can use for producing paintings.

Besides painting, I have a hobby making repurposed vintage jewelry and funky fabric purses. I am also creating short (one to two paragraph) stories from the perspective of the Dragonfly. The purses are from fantastic fabrics, and the repurposed vintage jewelry are made into artful pieces as a hobby and a break from the paintings. The Dragonfly Tales go with the jewelry and purses as a gift!