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Mary C. Aikens - Multi-Medium Artist

Mary C. Aikens – Autobiography of an Artist

Since childhood, Mary still loves to draw, doodle, and paint that she studied both art and drafting. These interests steered her to earn both Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design and an Associate’s degree in Drafting and Design Technology. As an architectural drafter, Mary loves to draft floor plans as well as elevations and graphics which these features are great assets to her painting  house portraits.  Mary remembers that there were several people in her life, including her family who "sparked" inspiration for her to do art, drafting, house portraits, wood-relief carving, and not to forget sign-making.   Mary has another Etsy shop that has her woodworking items that include carvings, reliefs, canes, and signs.


When you visit MCADaArtDivas’ shop, you can see that the majority of her artwork includes a combination of folk, Americana, and impressionistic styles.  Plus, Mary shares this particular Etsy shop with Carolyn Di Giovanni who is a fellow artist.  Many of Mary’s artwork includes architectural, floral, landscapes, people, and pets on occasional basis.  Commissions are accepted.  Mary prefers to use this statement: "Use what you have, and work with it".  She usually uses a mixture of panels, stretched canvases, planks, panels, and various types of paints in accordance the styles and subjects of her paintings.


Her subjects are considered as "Family Friendly" due to her relationship with Jesus Christ. "In God We Trust" - "God is OUR source of Life. HE is the way, the Truth and the Life; no man shall come to God, but through Jesus Christ alone."

Please feel free to browse Mary’s artwork.  All of her signs are made in a "Smoke Free" and "Pet Free" environment. Please note that Mary solely runs her art studio on a freelance basis with hopes that her art and graphic studio will blossom to a full-time business. 

*Please note: All shipments will be done upon receipt of purchase. Thank you! :-)

Mary’s club involvements are: 
Charlotte Art League

Charlotte Woodcarvers Club

Mary also has artwork on other sites:
www. Manta.org/MCAArtandDesignStudio