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MaryAnn Grib

I paint what moves me – what I respond to personally.  I do my best to interpret those feelings into something the viewer can connect to.  I am drawn mostly to the natural world around me, landscape, cityscape, interiors and sometimes people moving within it.  I believe what I am responding to and driven by is linked to my faith as well as what appeals to me aesthetically.  Although schooled in the fine arts and receiving a BFA degree, I was unable to pursue the dream of a career as professional artist - life took me on another path as often occurs.  However, I have been observing the world with an artist’s eye for many years now and am currently able to take those findings and weave it into my current creative process.  I mostly use the mediums of oils and pastels and draw my inspiration from nature and especially enjoy the plein air experience.  I love to capture that atmosphere I come away with from those outings.  Much of my work begins from life studies and ends in the studio.  Often, I take photo references as inspiration to work from in the studio as well.  My process is rather organic but I strive to always have a strong composition and good color harmony in the work I produce.  I do like to experiment and go outside my comfort zone pushing my own creative limits and exploring new ideas and approaches.   My goal at this point in time is to enjoy the journey of creativity and hopefully, spread some joy to others along the way. Check out my website for news and updates on my art journey.