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Michael Kennedy

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I am an oil painter who paints in and around New England. I paint mostly landscapes but i do dabble in still lifes and charcoal/pencil/ink drawings periodically. Most of my works are done before the motif en plein air (outside, on the spot) and finished up in the studio. However, I also paint some works completely in the studio from reference material.

I am mostly self-taught although I have taken some classes and workshops through the years with artists such as Dennis Sheehan, John Sirois, Stan Moeller, Qiang Huang and Scott Christensen. I've always had an interest in art but didn't do much except draw somewhat when i was a kid. At the rather late age of 40 I was introduced to oil painting and little by little I got more and more into it.

I grew up in Portland, ME and moved to New Hampshire in 1994. I have been here ever since so it looks like I'm here to stay. Looking forward to painting more and introducing the world to my way of seeing things. Thanks for visiting!