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My printmaking runs the gammut of solar plate etching, monoprint and screen print. Often, I am combining these together to get the 'look' I am after.

My interest in printmaking goes back many years. In monotype, I am intrigued by the layering of colors, of the history of the piece being allowed to show through the various inks. With the use of masks and stencils, lower layers are allowed to shine through in a finished piece.

I also enjoy the simple starkness of black and white in etching, linocut and lithography. This starkness with its mysterious shadings is most evocative.


In addition to printmaking, I have been marbling for over 25 years. I enjoy the tension between chaos and order that is inherent in this medium. My marbled papers are available on Etsy.


Mixed Media Award, Artists Association of Nantucket - 2015
Boston Weavers' Guild Award of Merit - 1987
New England Weavers' Seminar Award - 1985


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The Weavers' Journal


Cotuit Center For the Arts, Cotuit, MA
Falmouth Art Center, Falmouth, MA