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I was born in Ashland, AL which lies at the foot of the Appalachian Mountain Range. The lush greens and rolling hills of Clay County fostered a love for rural landscapes and country nuances, which I attempt to translate to the canvas. As a child, I "doodled," never suspecting that tendency would later give vent to a full-blown love affair with oil painting. Having pursued a degree in education, I presently teach English and art in a local high school. Although I never received a formal art education, I am constantly seeking ways to improve my skill. I have had the opportunity to study with such artists as Jane Kirk, Judith Jordan, Donny Finley, Roger Dale Brown, Paul McCormick, Collie Whisson, Dot Swenson, and Peggi Kroll-Roberts. As a resident artist of Marble Gate Gallery on Court Square in Ashland, my work is on permanent display. In addition, my work is exhibited in local businesses. Periodic participation in art exhibits such as the Dahlonega Flower/Art Festival keeps me busy. My work can also be viewed at the following: www.nanperry.com

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