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Nataliya Gurshman

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I speak Russian, but I am not Russian... I am a Jewish artist from the former Soviet Union who doesn't support Putin or his horrific actions against Ukraine.

I am a fine artist, art teacher, and mom of two. I have been painting since I was eight years old. As I was growing up in the cold city of Leningrad in the former Soviet Union, I had a dear friend who was on the path to becoming an artist and who was willing to teach. That's how the seed of art was planted in me, which my parents supported and encouraged. My artistic adventures and education continued when we immigrated to the States 32 years ago.

My art has evolved over the years and, now I am taking yet another path of creating smaller more affordable pieces, that will bring joy to you all. I am sure there will be more artistic journeys for me, and I would love to share them with you... I hope you will be my traveling companion. Whether your purchase allows me to buy more art supplies or allows me to visit new places to get inspiration, every time someone supports my work it inspires me to carve out more time to paint and create beautiful work to share. I want my paintings to bring happiness and peace to your home.