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I grew up in Bucks County , Pennsylvania and moved to Washington D.C after college in Virginia. Having worked for the U.S Congress for 25 years, I retired and am happy spending my time with my husband, Dan and our family including three grandsons. Having grown up with a grandmother painter as well as a mother who was an artist, I suppose I inherited a sort of love for painting, The boys ......Jack, Alejandro and Rocco often join me in my small painting room on Capitol Hill or our country place in Boston, Virginia  where we either create masterpieces or make a huge mess. My inspiration is Sir Winston Churchill , who found such happiness in his painting.

P.s.   You could visit Dovecotehome.com to see my images used on beautiful coasters, prints and other lovely household items....(pillows etc)...This is a small company that specializes in exquisite home "decor "..based in New York.