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Welcome to my gallery!  I am a self taught artist.  I have taken many classes with master painters and water marblers over the years.  Some of you may know me from Shibumi Silks.


This gallery is devoted to abstract and impressionist art.  I am influenced by a large variety of artists such as Matisse, Van Gogh, Klimt, Kandinsky, Pollack, Kusama, Shiraga, De Kooning and others.

I use a variety of acrylics, molding paste, wax, fabric, markers, etc.  Many of my pieces are many layers of paint.


I often have a specific intention when creating a piece.  So everything is very deliberate.  Often I’ll sit with a finished piece for a few days or weeks and decide it needs something...it usually turns out being totally different!  Often a picture seems to have a mind of its own...I’m just the holder of the tools...


Everything you see on this gallery is an original.  I can make a print for you of most of the pieces, send me a note.  I also do commissions, I get many requests for Jackson Pollack type pictures.  If you send a picture of what you’re looking for, I’ll see if I can do it.  If you want something in the gallery, I accept payment plans via Square or PayPal, when paid in full I ship your artwork.


Thanks for browsing the gallery.  I hope you find something that really draws you!