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Patricia MacDonald
‚ÄčI am a Canadian painter and am fortunate to be at a point in my life when I can paint everyday and travel and be inspired by both new and familiar locations. I studied fine art, art history and art education at university and those studies led to a 25+year career in arts administration and teaching secondary school art. During my career I painted during the time 'between' family, work and social commitments, and began to exhibit in and sell my work. I left teaching in 2008 to develop my art practice and pursue my passion for painting on a daily basis. I paint mostly in acrylic but love to mix media too. Through teaching I developed a love for variety and experimentation - and this continues to be important to me in my art work today. My sketchbooks are full of ideas and I usually have several works on the go at once. Whether I am painting a still life or landscape, the decision to paint that subject as an iconic image rendered in a more classical style or re-imagined and executed in an expressive manner, is resolved through process and experimentation. There is always something new to learn and some new path to venture down.