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Patti Tapper
Somebody once told me, "Your hands are never still." It's true. I began painting at seven, initially with pastel and then oil. I continued through college, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Since then I spend my time appreciating the beauty in the world and translating my sense of awe into my artwork. I enjoy working with a variety of materials and my studio is a kaleidoscope of color and pattern with inspiration everywhere you look!

I am often inspired by the effects of light on color and form. I surround myself with colorful objects and I often find beauty in the ordinary. Regarding my paintings, I love layering bold and colorful brushstrokes, making necessary adjustments along the journey.
My paintings begin with very detailed drawings which help me familiarize myself with the subject before picking up my brush. Most of the time I premix my colors, enabling me to be more spontaneous and ensuring that I won't run out of a particular color if the painting is large. I also love the process of mixing my colors, labeling them with the exact amounts of each color that went into the mix.

Part of the joy in my life comes from sharing my passion with others. My students leave lasting memories and it is a pleasure to give to them. I especially love teaching adults who have never made art. They come into the studio very scared and self conscious but once they realize that my class is a non judgment zone, they begin to relax and enjoy the process of creativity. Many start out with a 6 week class and end up studying with me for years. It is an honor.

My other loves in my life are my husband, Steven, my three children and daughter-in-law and my beloved companion, my golden shepherd, Luna. I hope that you enjoy my colorful life.